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Kids Turn About Us

Kids' Turn Central was created on September 25, 2001.

I'm Wendy Hogan, owner of Kids' Turn Central and the former Guide at Kids' Exchange at, a site I ran for over 3 years before it was closed down in a company redirection.

The purpose of Kids' Turn Central is to give youth a safe place to talk, share and learn. It's the kids turn to participate and build a site they want. The loyal visitors at Kids' Exchange have joined me to build that place.

While my goal is to provide great content and fun, it is also to provide a safe environment for kids. I will continue to encourage kids to stay safe online and involve the whole family in their online activities.

I look forward to this challenge and welcome any and all suggestions to turn Kids' Turn Central into the place online kids want to visit time and time again.

Thank you, enjoy your stay,

Wendy Hogan, Founder, Kids' Turn Central

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