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Grizzly Bear
Name: Grizzly Bear, ursus horribilis Family Urisdae

Description: Large fierce brown bear with distinctive hump at shoulders.

Location: Western North America and Rocky Mountains

Special Features:

  • Can grow to nine feet tall
  • Can weigh over 1000 pounds
  • Noted for having very long claws
  • Thick brownish-yellow fur coat
  • Primarily nocturnal
  • Mostly solitary
  • Diet: Omnivore that will eat both vegetation and animals. Grasses, sedges, roots, berries, insects, fish, carrion and small and large mammals

    Neat Fact: Brown bears and "grizzly" bears are actually the same species. South of Canada, the grizzly bear has been listed as threatened on the U.S. Endangered Species list since 1975.

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    Grizzly Bear

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