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Name: Lynx, Family Felidae related to the Bobcat

Description: Light gray with pale brown to blackish hairs. Soft thick fur, a black-tipped short tail, and tufted ears

Location: North America, Europe, Asia

Special Features:

  • Short tail
  • Tufts of hair on tips of ears
  • Yellowish-brown coat
  • Black spots/markings
  • Large feet protected with thick fur
  • Double-pointed beard at throat
  • Weigh up to 40 pounds
  • Length varies, up to four feet
  • Life span 15 years
  • Often elusive avoiding humans
  • Listed as Endangered in United States
  • Diet: Carnivores preferring deer, rabbits, hare.

    Neat Fact: Often hunted for their beautiful fur coats.

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