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Name: Moose, Alces alces

Description: Hoofed mammal with broad, pendulous muzzle and large, palmate antlers in the male.

Location: Northern North America

Special Features:

  • Males have antlers
  • Largest of the deer family
  • Flap of fur covered skin under muzzle known as the bell
  • Good swimmer/wader
  • Long legged
  • Can grow to 7 feet in height at shoulder
  • Can weigh over 1200 pounds
  • Each of its feet has two large hoofed toes and two smaller toes
  • Poor eye sight
  • Keen sense of smell
  • Often solitary animals
  • Diet: Grass, berries, twigs, bark.

    Neat Fact: While a male may use its antlers to hold off a predator, a moose's sharp hooves are its first line of defense.

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