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Panda Bear
Name: Panda Bear, Family Procyonidae

Description: Giant Panda has distinct black and white coat, Red Panda has long, reddish-brown fur.

Location: Tibet and Southern China

Special Features:

  • Giant Panda has Black and white fur coat
  • Red Pandas have red hair and are more related to raccoons
  • Panda bears date back over two million years
  • Can grow up to five feet in height
  • Can weigh up to 350 pounds
  • Live to about 25 years
  • Giant Pandas do not hibernate in winter.
  • Diet: Eat 15 different varieties of bamboo. May eat some other shoots and roots or pine bark but sustain on bamboo.

    Neat Fact: Results from the most comprehensive survey of China’s giant panda population reveal that there are nearly 1,600 pandas in the wild, over 40 per cent more animals than previously thought to exist. Pandas are still considered Endangered.

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