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Name: Raccoon, Procyon lotor

Description: Carnivorous mammal with grayish-brown fur, black mask like facial markings, and a black-ringed bushy tail.

Location: North, South and Central America. Introduced to Europe and Asia.

Special Features:

  • Prominent black mask over eyes
  • Heavily furred, ringed tail
  • Good climbers
  • Can have nasty disposition when cornered
  • Nocturnal
  • Allied to bears but much smaller
  • Six species of Raccoon
  • Grow to about 32 inches including tail
  • Can weigh up to 35 pounds
  • Raccoon babies are called Kits
  • Extremely intelligent
  • Hand like front paws with mobile fingers

    Diet: Omnivorous, will eat just about anything. Favorite foods include fish, eggs, berries and nuts.

    Neat Fact: During cold weather, raccoons might sleep for several days, but do not hibernate.

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