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Plains Zebra

Scientific Name: Equus burchelli

Location: Savanna grasslands of eastern Africa

Description: Stalky but sleek, short-legged horse with broad black and white stripes, black nose, and a short, bristle-like mane that stands up.

Location: Africa and Asia

Special Features:

  • Three kinds of zebras in Africa, Plains Zebra, Grevey's and Mountain Zebras
  • Travel in herds
  • Bold black-and-white-striped horse
  • Stripe patterns vary among different species and races
  • Some species may have brown stripes
  • Can weight over 900 pounds
  • Short, erect hair on main
  • Tufted tail
  • Diet: Herbivores. Avid grazers.

    Neat Fact: At first all Zebras look alike however, every Zebra has a unique and different stripe pattern, like a fingerprint.

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