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Birthday Party Themes

Fun ideas and themes to help plan your birthday party!

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Dr. Seuss party:
Put out the following books for the different activities.

    1. "Grinch Who Stole Christmas" by a small Christmas tree--put birthday presents under it.
    2. "Green Eggs and Ham" by the lunch table. We had place cards saying things like, "Would you, could you eat them with a fork?" "Try them, try them with a drink!"
    3. "Oh, the Places you'll Go!" treasure hunt.
    4. "One fish, Two fish" fishing game in a small swimming pool.
    5. "The Shape of Me and Other Stuff" race. We put plastic interlocking puzzle shapes all over the lawn and turned on the sprinklers. Kids raced through the sprinklers to pick up as many shapes as they could find.
    6. "Cat in the Hat" relay--2 teams race across the lawn, put on a Cat in the Hat hat, white gloves and an oversized shirt, take them off and run back for the next team member to go.
For Birthday Cake cut as 2 green eggs and a ham, the birthday hats are Cat in the Hat hats--not difficult to sew with felt. They are stiff and stretch a little, so one size will pretty much fit all the kids at the party!

Thank you cards were titled "Oh the Thanks I can Thank!" (a play on the book title "Oh the Thinks I can Think!

Thanks to Michael D. Catten, M.D. for this theme idea

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