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Kids Turn Birthday Fun

Birthday Party Themes

Fun ideas and themes to help plan your birthday party!

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Fairy Tale party:
1. Invitations were royal decrees to attend a ball in honor of the fair maiden Sophie. We sealed them with a wax stamp, too. On the front door we had a sign that read "Once Upon a Time..." and on the other side of the door as they left we had another sign that read "...And they Lived Happily Ever After."

2. "The Round Table"--Spray painted tag board crowns gold in advance. First activity was to glue jewels onto your crown, and those were the birthday hats.

3. Party favor bags were just brown lunch sacks with the "Paper Bag Princess" story photocopied really small and glued to the bag.

4. "Princess and the Pea" game--made small foam stacks of mattresses of different heights. Kids select a mattress by laying a young princess Kelley doll on top, and underneath the is the number 1,2,or 3 to pick out of one of the three prize bags.

5. "The Frog Prince"--we told the children summary of the story. Then they were blindfolded, and had to feel around in a wading pool for a gold ball, amidst other floating toys. The gold ball was a racquetball spraypainted gold.

6. "Cinderella" relay--Kids line up, take off one shoe, and hop to the finish line, where there is a "glass slipper", and the prize is a licorice shoelace.

7. "Sleeping Beauty" musical chairs. Instead of chairs, though, they are blankets that they lay on to sleep when the music stops. At the end of the game, the prize for every child is a royal cape. I just made them out of fabric liner with a gold rope drawstring at the top. Didn't take long to make at all.

8. "Rumplestilskin"--relay to wind as much gold thread around a spool in 10 seconds as you can. Prize is a gold bar of chocolate.

9. "St. George and the Dragon"--Pop green balloons on a poster of a dragon with a sword that has a tack at the end of it. Inside balloons are little treats.

10. Birthday cake was a castle shaped by freezing ice cream in a sand castle mold and then placed in the middle of cupcakes arranged in a circle. Cupcake holders and frosting were blue, so it looked like a moat around the castle. Used a graham cracker as a drawbridge from the ice cream to the top of one of the cupcakes. This was a huge party, but I threw it for 2 of my kids who have birthdays in the same month!

Thanks to Michael D. Catten, M.D. for this theme idea

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