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Birthday Party Themes

Fun ideas and themes to help plan your birthday party!

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Laser Tag Party:
I just threw a laser tag party for my son's 8th birthday. We used the basement because it was the darkest room in the house.

We started by having all the kids paint on large black sheets of paper different alien designs. We developed a kind of moon scape theme. We hung all the painted sheets on the wall and used a ultra-violet light from Spencer Gifts to make it glow. We used day-glow paint to make it really "pop."

We took plain white tee-shirts and used day-glow glue from Michaels Crafts and made uniforms for each team.

We got some miniature glow-in-the dark laser tags from for $4.95 each. (They make a great grab bag item.) We threw in a couple of glow sticks and it's a blast for the kids.

I served a cake in an alien-shaped design. The kids all loved it....and it was easy to clean-up. The cost was under $70 dollars.

Thanks to LB, mother of six for this great idea

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