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Kids Turn Do you Chat too Much?

Do you Chat too Much?

lip1.gif - 2.5 K "You rush home from school and log on to your favorite Chat Room......worse - you fall out of bed and head right to your computer in the morning!!"...anonymous

You are addicted to chat!

But wait!! Don't fear - there are signs to watch for..........

If more then five of the items in the list below are happening to YOU - well - you chat TOO MUCH!!

  • "You Play hooky at school just to chat" - Kathy, Florida

  • "You and your boyfriend fight over the computer at night" - Marie

  • "You've had to replace keyboards because the most commonly used keys get sticky from food grease and oils" - Moodydude

  • "The keys on your keyboard are useless because of odd scraps of food getting stuck underneath." - Moodydude

  • "You have so many chatrooms open at once that you accidently type your HOST topic in another chatroom!" - BeeHOST

  • "You are in chat on your Mom's birthday" - Smiley

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