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Fall Leaf Crafts and Fun

Looking for something to do with all those leaves piling up in your yard? One of Kids' Turn regular visitors, Calm, from Ontario, Canada offers these great ideas!

  • Make a mask. Collect different colour leaves. Once dry, glue them to a plain mask to make a really cool Fall mask. You might even use for Halloween.

  • Create a colourful centrepiece for Thanksgiving (October in Canada, November in USA). You can collect leaves still on the branch to fill a vase or collect fallen leaves and fill a clear glass bowl.

  • When making a hand-outlined turkey (a craft involving making a turkey out of the shape of your hand) you can use colourful leaves for the tail feathers instead of feathers. You can also use pressed leaves on homemade dream catchers (press them so they last longer and keep their colourfulness instead of turning brown)

  • Rake up your leaves and get a head start on Halloween decorations by stuffing a scarecrow with them.

  • Collect different kinds of leaves and research them to find out what kinds of trees they come from. Then make a chart for future reference. Perhaps you could try collecting seeds from the trees as well and growing them. Don't label them when you plant them and see if you can identify the tree's type from the chart you made.

  • Make a leaf wreath for Thanksgiving, or just for fall. Glue the leaves onto a circle of cardboard for the frame.

  • Press the leaves and make them into cards for next year. Homemade cards are a lot more special then bought card and can be enjoyed for years to come.

  • Grab a green leaf before it changes colour, trace its outline on a piece of paper (or construction paper) and colour it different colours. Try to imagine what colour the tree will be, and check back later to see how close you were. If the colours have already changed, trace the coloured leaf and try to colour it exactly like the leaf!

  • Put leaves between layers of waxed paper, put a dishtowel underneath and on top, and run a hot iron over it for a minute or two. The wax will transfer to the leaves and they'll stay shiny and colorful for quite a while.

  • You can print a fall/autumn border on to A4 paper and then stick a variety of leaves in the middle then laminate the sheet. Would make a nice tablemat. - Milly

  • HO scale Model Shed plans. Includes: Garden Sheds & Tool Sheds. A great fall project - help Mom or Dad build a shed.

Thanks to Calm and AG for these terrific ideas! You can share your ideas on Facebook.

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