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Have an old keyboard laying around that doesn't work any longer? Here's a great idea to recycle the key caps and create fun magnets!

Keyboard Cap Magnets
Recycle your Keyboard

What you Need:

  • Used keyboard [that no longer works]
  • Magnetic tape/strip [available at most craft stores]
  • Needle Nose pliers
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun [optional]
  • Spray paint [optional]
  • Permanent markers or paint [optional]

Step #1

With pliers, or a screw driver, carefully pop the key caps off your used, non-working keyboard. Still using pliers, pull or snap off the tab that holds the key cap to the keyboard so your key cap lays flat.

If your key caps are grimy, wash in warm water and soap and allow to dry.

You can spray paint your key caps if the letters or numbers are worn off or if you want to create your own design on key caps. Allow to dry.

Step #2

Once key caps are dry, cut magnetic strip to size of key caps. Different key caps are different sizes. Don't worry about being exact size, you can trim after.

Although magnetic strip usually comes with a sticky back, to ensure your key caps stay stuck, you can use hot glue to affix permanently. Carefully run a bead of hot glue around underside edges of key caps and place on sticky side of magnetic tape strip. [make sure you are gluing to the right side of magnetic tape] Press down firmly. Allow to dry.

Step #3

Recycle your Keyboard Once the magnetic strip is securely attached to back of key caps trim away excess with scissors. Cut on a slight angle so you don't see the strip. Remove any excess hot glue.

If you did not paint, you are ready to use! If you spray painted your key caps you can now decorate. Use a permanent marker or paint to add letters, sayings, shapes, whatever you like.

You can use your key cap magnets on appliances, or any metal surfaces. Great for school lockers. With enough key caps you can leave messages, write your name or use to hold papers. Do not use magnets near computers.

This a great way to recycle a keyboard rather then tossing the whole thing in the garbage!

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