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Make a Scarecrow
Here's a fun idea for your Fall and Halloween decorating - make a scarecrow! It's easier than you think.

You'll Need:

  • Old pair of over-alls or old pants
  • Old plaid shirt
  • An old hat
  • Old work gloves
  • Old boots or shoes
  • Twine or rope
  • Straw, hay, newspaper or something you can stuff your scarecrow with
To make your scarecrow head/face you can use a white pillow case, stuffed, and draw/paint a face, or, use a pumpkin. You can also try your hand at making a paper mache head/face. (Use our Bumpkin Pumpkin instructions to help you out.) If you don't want a bald scarecrow you can use yarn for hair.

How to Make:

Once you have your head/face created, you can simply put your scarecrow together by stuffing your articles of clothes with straw, hay or newspaper. Put together as if you were dressing a human. You can hold things together with twine.

Instead of hands/feet use gloves and boots. Much easier than creating hands or feet.

To attach your head use the twine to tie the base of your head to the body, or, use a stick or piece of wood - insert in your head and then into the body of your scarecrow.

Once complete you can prop your scarecrow up against a tree, the house, a fence, or sit him in a lawn chair or on a bale of hay. You can ask an adult to make you a "T" shape out of lumber if you want to "hang" your scarecrow in the yard.

Be creative and have fun!

Check out our Scarecrow online resources for more ideas on how to make your own scarecrow plus other scarecrow projects.

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