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Tilano Fresco Tile Kit Marble Magnet Kit

Here's another terrific craft kit from Tilano Fresco.

Older kids may be able to produce these wonderful magnet marble tiles on their own, however, parental supervision is advised. The process is not difficult but it is very important to follow all instructions, and, be patient. There are some warnings that should be read on the instruction sheet.

Here's how I produced some wonderful marble magnets with my granddaughters photos to view on my fridge every day.

The Process

Each Marble Magnet Kit comes with everything you need to make four marble magnets. You choose the images you want to put on them. You can add text or borders to customize. The first step in the process is to take your image to a copy center to be transferred onto the Tilano Photo Paperô. Be sure to bring the the instruction sheet so the copy person can follow instructions on how to do this. Before you go, be sure your image is the right size to fit on your tile. Detailed instructions come with the kit.

Step 1
First step, you must seal your image. Apply a thin layer of Tilano Mediumô onto your laser copy of your image. Do not overwork, this can cause the ink to smear. Let this dry for 45 minutes. You can create a template of your image to center on your coaster. Once dry, trim your image to fit onto your coaster. You can give a straight edge, or tear for a ragged edge. Full instructions come with the kit.

Step 2
Brush a light coat of the Tilano Mediumô onto your marble tiles. Immediately after applying medium, place your image face down on the marble tile. Use the spreader that comes with the kit to flatten the image. Press firm but also be gentle. Work from the center outwards. Avoid getting the medium on the back of your image. Wipe your spreader after each pass. Do this with each marble tile. Allow to dry for four hours. There are optional instructions on drying process in an oven.

Step 2

Step 3
After your transfer paper has dried on your marble tile you now get to reveal your images. All you do is brush water onto the paper making sure you fully saturate it. When the paper becomes transparent you carefully life the paper off. Your image will show up. Should some of the paper not appear transparent you can add more water and gently rub with your finger until it does become transparent. Do not blot your coaster to remove excess water. Allow to dry naturally.

Step 4
Once dry you may have to sand the edges of your coasters to remove any excess medium that may have oozed onto them when transferring your image. Wipe away the dust when you are done with dampened cheese cloth.

Step 5
Finally, using the Tilano Mediumô you are ready to seal your marble tiles. With the foam brush apply a layer of the medium to the entire coaster. Allow to dry for 45 minutes.

Step 7
To complete your marble tile magnets, turn them over and apply one of the magnets that come with the kit, using the Tilano Mediumô as glue .

As with the Tilano Fresco Tile Kit the important thing to remember when doing this project is to follow the instructions carefully and to be patient. The kit offers two ways to dry your tiles during each step. If you have the time and patience you can air dry, they also offer a quicker, oven drying process.

The finished Marble Magnets make a unique, personalized holiday and special occasion gifts like Mother's Day. You are only limited by your own creativity and imagination.

You can learn more about the Marble Magnet Kit on their web site along with printable instructions. There is also a step-by-step video demonstration on their web site available in a variety of formats. I highly recommend watching before you start your project. The site also offers creative ideas and a gallery.

You can find out where to purchase the kits using the Store Locator. Price will vary depending on where you live. Available in Canada and USA. You may also purchase online. There is also a contact page on the site where you can ask questions and a toll free number to get quick answers.

Tilano Fresco also has other kits available including Fresco Tile Kit, Glass Tile Kit, Ornamento Kit and a Transfer Kit.

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