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Creepy Hands! Wax Hand Candles

Here's a creepy fun Halloween project! Make wax hands or candles - you'll spook out your friends and neighbors!

NOTE: Parental supervision is required, do NOT attempt to try this on your own. Melted wax can burn your skin very quickly. Ask Mom, Dad or another adult to help you with this project.


What you need! What You Need:
  • Paraffin Wax or candles
  • Wick
  • Fine sand, damp
  • Pail or large bowl
  • Double Boiler
  • Pencil
  • Wax coloring [optional]
  • Wax scents [optional]


Step 1: Fill bottom half of double boiler with water. Place over medium heat on stove. Place top half of double boiler on top. Carefully place small pieces of paraffin wax or used candles in top of double boiler. Slowly stir occasionally until wax melts. Note: If using old candle pieces be sure to remove any old wicks or metal bases. You can use old colored candles to add color to your wax, or use a wax dye. You may also add your candle scent now if you wish.

Sand form Step 2: While wax is melting put damp sand in pail or bowl. Pat down firmly. Insert your hand into the sand, pressing firmly but carefully. Push down as far as you can in a "claw" shape. Slowly and carefully remove your hand trying not to collapse the sand. Once hand is removed carefully pat down around the hole you have made being careful not to knock sand into holes.

Step 3: If you are making a candle, tie wick to a pencil, wooden spoon or chopstick. Insert end of wick into center of your form you made in sand. Balance pencil across pail or bowl and make wick tight.

Setting the wax Step 4: An adult should very carefully pour melted wax into the form you made. Do it slowly trying not to knock sand into form. Overfill to form a base. You can trim the wax after it hardens. Allow the wax to set completely. Preferably 24 hours.

Once your wax has set it's time to remove! Visit the next page for instructions and see how it turns out!

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