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Candle Hand Wax Hand Candles

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NOTE: Parental supervision is required, do NOT attempt to try this on your own. Melted wax can burn your skin very quickly. Ask Mom, Dad or another adult to help you with this project.


You've let your wax form sit over night to harden. Now it's time to get that hand out of there!

Place a plastic bag completely over your wax form and pail. Carefully tip the pail over allowing the sand to fall into the plastic bag. You might want to put your hand on the base of your wax form so it does not fall into bag. Shake off as much sand as possible.

Carefully remove your wax hand from the bag and the sand. Place on a sheet of newspaper, base side down. Brush off as much sand as possible. The sand should still be damp. Allow it to dry before brushing off more sand. Some of the sand will remain embedded in the wax. That is fine, makes it even more creepier!

If you put a wick in your wax form you should be able to dig it out after you've cleaned the sand around it. If you are using your hand as a candle follow all safety rules with candles and never leave burning unattended.

You don't have to use your wax hand as a candle - they make great additions to a Halloween party table, outside on a walkway or sitting on a hall table. Use your imagination!

For a bigger project, try making a face mold in a pan of sand by closing your eyes and pushing your face into the sand. You can then make a wax face using the same process - how creepy would that be!

Here's what our wax hands looked like after we got them out of the sand!

Candle   Wax Hand

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