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Photo #13
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Photo 13

"Are you alive?? Cuz if ya r ya know I gotta kill ya (evil laugh) ha ha ha!!"....Kell

"What's that I see up his nose??"....kk

"I hope nobody really wanted him around for anything."....Doodle Bug

"Ewwwwwwwwwwww! It feels like jelly! He is totally out of shape. Has he ever heard of a gym?"....Rocker Babe

"Hey what's going on? Let's trick or treat! Hello? Oh my gosh he's dead! Ahhhhh hey got any cash?"....Adrienne

"Now all I have to do is find his wife and kids and then my work is done for the week or was it day?".....Rebecca


"Give me money!!!!!"....yomama

"I TOLD you never to mock me and my stupidity!!!!"....Trish

"Uh... dude it was just a prank....AAAHHHH!! bloods comin' out of him!!" (runs away and guy on floor gets up "It was just a prank...HAHAHAHA GOTCHA!!"....MINES IS BESTER!!

"I will kill you, I will kill you...ahhhh!"....minhal

"Well I hope it's not Halloween."....Lyle

"Trick or treat?".....b-baller

<"Ahhhhhhhhhhh ....... help me I'm gonna die ** guy takes off mask ** got ya ** then lols".....Em

"Ah ha! I will finally be able to get his blood type!"....Moosey

"Yum Yum! I will bake you and eat you all up!"....gooey

"I will suck your blood!! Ha ha ha haaaaa!!!"....Perky

"You will die! Any last words Anikin?"....Jessica

"This is what you get for supersizing my finger! muahaha!"....gr8 m8 lets d8

"Boy, you have bad breath!"....Yoda

"Dad, Dad,Daaaad...... DOODLES he's ALIVE!"....Turka

"Santa told me you were a naughty boy! This is your punishment!!!"....Shelly

"oh my gosh I'm gonna die."....Ryan

"Dad! im home!!! ...oh my gosh"....Mickey Mouse

"Is that freaky or what?!?!?"....Nicole

"Don't Fear the Reaper! On the inside, I'm really a nice guy!"....Mr. Land Yacht

"Voldemort strikes again!"....Linz

"This shouldn't hurt a bit. Can you tell me if it does? I wouldn't want to miss it."....Beanie

"MWAHAHAHAHA...Say, is that a cookie?"....Lily

"Let's play dead or alive!".....Sabrina

Alien "I knew I should of told him about the stain".....Isabella

"I'm gonna die. Save me someone. Or don't if you're that mean!"....Turkey

"Get away!"....Yoyo

"Say hello to my little wait, that's right! You can't! ha ha!".....Flamey

"Well, one down, five to go!"....Rayquaza

"It was not me?".....Moose

"You should have thought about that when you stopped me from scaring everybody from the amusement park where I scared the poop out of all of it's custumers now to get the rest of mystery inc."....Brand Flake

"I'd told you he'll be back to haunt you"....linzi

"You've got a tick on your neck, let me get it."....Paige

"Guy on the Floor"P-p-please.....No!" Dude in Mask"That's right! Beg for mercy!"Guy on Floor"Johnny?" Dude in Mask"Dave? I'm so sorry,man. I didn't realize it was you. I was going for the guy next door."....bloonpurplekitty

"Is it alive? I'll poke it and see!"....Cheerchick

"Oh my gosh, is that a human? I always wanted to meet one. Nooo he's dead. What? Don't look at me. Why? What did I do it?"....soccergirl

"I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance be switching to Geico."....Maggie

"You where saying dad???"....Buttons


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