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Photo #15
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Photo 15

"Elvis you are SOOOOO not worth the carrot I paid for this massage." - Cheesy

"...well at least I got your boss off your back." - 4Kids2Teach

"Come on Wendy just a little further and we'll be able to reach that cookie!!" - FBG

"aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" - 555

"AH!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - mm2001

"Search for Food and see which one you like." - Ozzy

"I told you I would make a perfect Godzilla. I've already got one of my victims." - ajlp4

"You couldn't have just gotten a PARROT , could you?".....AgentLiz

"oh yeah! That's the spot right there!"....Amanda

"Get Your own Back!!!"...Wolfy

"Oh ya, that's the spot!"....Bo

"She is looking at my 3rd eye."....Becky

"What? Don't you ever use your iguana as a back scratcher?"....LaLa

"Even as a child Godzilla was bent on rampaging..."....Jeebus

"Ahhhhh Iguana attack."....Kyle

"I ordered this lizard off the internet.Have you ever heard it came from underneath the sink? Well IT came from the printer!"....Clefairy

"Ok this lizard is going a bit to far down for my liking."....Birdy

"Giddie up faster! faster!"....klnkitty

"Girl: Peeew, your tail smells horrible!!"....Shoey

"Do you mind???"....Pepsigirl

"I'm king of the world...roar."....Joe

"Better than a monkey on my back!!"....Paula

"Instead of beating a monkey off of my back i have a lizard man how times have changed."....Crystal

"Are these the stairs?"....Reyna

"I have More Hair Than You Do.".....SiS

"Cant you see im busy here?"....Rach and Jen

"Ahhhhhhhhh...... get it off me."....Talon

"They're right! Animals do start to resemble their owners."....Dash

Lizard: "Haha, I can eat all I want now!"....Jenny

"Eeeww next time make it to the bathroom."....Aimerz

"Start typing fraster Idont have fingers."....Tot

"Honestly, It's nothing.....we were just giving iguanna-back rides."....Cassie

"That's one nice Giant green iguana Wendy!"....Video_game_and_Anime_guy

"Get off my back! I'm an iguana, not a chameleon." Lady: "That's MY back! Why aren't you changing colors yet?"....Mason

"This is normal. Right?"....perrychic52

"Why do you always let him walk all over you?"....Spree

"Up and down, up and down, hey ... why did the ride stop?"....Mrs.Roddick or Gilkesy

"A little higher I almost have it!!"....Lil_Princess_042

"Trail for new shampoo "Herbal Essences" was too effective at "bringing the jungle too your living room"....Ramstrong

"This is a great invention."....Hunter

"Guess What I read, if you put an iguana on your back your live longer! This better work 'cus I think its got to go to the bathroom!"....Lassoffun

"Do you like my Jungle Gym?"....Malerie

"Lizard : Soon I will be the ruler of this lady. muhaaaahaaaa!!!!!!!!"....Ash

"What a comfy mattress!"....dog101

"I'm the King of the world!"....Bling Bling

"Help me! It's killing me!"....Chad

"When I asked for a massage, this Isn't what I had in mind!"...Bethanie

"Bottoms Up!"....AJ

"Uh-o i feel something rumbly in my tummy. You better move your head!"....Macy


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