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Photo #16
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Photo 16

"Santa paws is comin' to town..." - FB

"I saw Shadow kissing Santa Clause......." - Scrappy

"Um Mom what's this guy doing in my face and why are you taking a picture of it?" - Shadow - with help from FBG

Santa: "What do you think ur doing? taking my job!!!"....Calm

"NO! I will NOT guide your sleigh tonight!"...4Kids2Teach

"Then, suddenly, Shadow, the imposter that had plagued Santa so long, was revealed..." - Jim

"Hey what do you think your doing coming down MY chimney? Uh huh bringing presents eh... A LIKELY STORY" - Cheesy

"I would like some beggin strips, a new bowl and a cushy bed to sleep on and....."....Tiny

"Hey where's the chew toy I asked for last year!"....BabyGirl

"Santa is Havin' fun and Comin' to Town."...Jinija

"He sees you when you're sleeping... He knows when you're awake...."...Princess

"Ya better not bark, ya better not woof, I am telling you why..."....Bree

"Dog: I'm Santa now."....irule

"Santa began to realize that feeding Rudolph all those carrots may not have been the best idea." ....Alice

"Dog: This is too original... plus embarrasing!"....Kitty

"I think Santa is going to have his beard cut!"...Jennifer

"hohoho woof!!"...Cooliebritt

"I want a squeaky toy, some dog treats, and some turkey for Christmas!"...Kissy

"I don`t like the look on this guys face. Help!...Krystal

"I guess, Santa now has a Chistmas Dog!!"...I Wear Cool Socks

"When Rudoph gets sick, Doggie here fills in!!!"...AngelWings


"Dog:Hey Santa, think you can get Muffy to go out with me this Christmas?"....Shadow Fox

"Dog: Hey, Santa mined to git me a bone?"....Kat

"Santa may I have a big bone and some flea killer?"....Emily

"Dog:They did it to you too?"....Rat Gal

"Where is my darn yarn ball???".... 7th Cross

(Dog) "Uhhhh,excuse me GET YOUR BEARD OUT OF MY FACE SANTE CAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"....Salina

"See mom, I told u santa WAS real!!"....Tanya

"Hey santa, I mailed my job application and got my hat."Ahhhhhhh Candid Camera!"I'm ruined!"....clefairy

"I have to keep my bump down."....Katie

"What do you want for Cristmas little doggy?"....Poip

"Somebody help, the tree, its spazzing!"....Rach and Jen

"Meet the new member of the reindeer team!"....Emigo

"Go...score...yeah! Now only 129 more points until I win the 5 pound bag of meow mix!"....Bob Pants

"I have a big bone to pick with you."....Paula

"Jazzy which one is it!!!"....kane247

"Ahhggg!!... Don't eat meee."....FuZzZzZzz

"Ho Ho Ho! what would you like for X-mas dog?"....Video_game_and_Anime_guy

"OK Man! We made a deal I would lay here so you do not have nightmares but where in our agreement did I say you can slober in my ear and on my body?"....Gizmo aka Holly

"NOO! Mrs Claus! You weren't suppose to find out like this!"....Kait

"Now Santa, how many times do I have to tell you, all I want for Christmas is a chew toy. Not you!!"....Sammy

"Dog - Did you bring the bone I wanted? Santa - No ,Lassie got it first."....Dog101

"Dog: Santa,your sooo mean, why didn't I get that high power, super speedy doggy scooter I asked for? Waaaaaaaaahhh! Santa: Hey ,don't pull that ,have some respect! I'm sorry but what u wished for doesn't exist, don't take your anger out on me! Ggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!santa:Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh run away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"....Reese

"Love it!"....Caitlyn

"Is he the santa or am I dreaming".....nikhila

"Santa I told U I wasn't BAD. I warned u if I'm on the bad list U'LL get it!!!"....Isabella

"WHOAH!!! I think I'm being attacked by an inflatable santa!!!"....hamsterdance109

"Dog: oh my gosh, What is that thing? oh it's only my toy Santa."....cheche

"Ok, the hat is ok...but the Santa is scaring me....It just never moves!!!!".....Mandy13333

"DOG: GET OUT of my face Mr. I don't know what you are dooooing".....mikki

"Hey mum, dad, come down Santa is here!"....Kirsty



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