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Photo #18
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Photo 18

"No, No, NOOOO don't FALL!!!!!" .....FBG

"Woah those rubber workouts really worked!!" ...FBG

"Darn I still cant find that contact."....KTCheesy

"Now is NOT the time to tell her I lost her favorite necklace."....4Kids2Teach

"Are you sure this will stop my cramps?"...Calm

"Ugh.. if you would just buy a pair of pants that ACTUALLY fit you.. we wouldn't need to go through this!".....RACIN4DAWKND

"Hey you're too hevey for me can't you be lighter?"....Bree

"My back hurts when I`m curled up like this! Urasai! kono baka!! Anata wa kodomo desu yo!! Fine, I`m a child, now just get off of ME!!"....Daisuke

"Blair:"Why is everybody staring at me"? Jessie:"Maybe its your big rearend"!!"...Arwin

"Get off me! You're too heavy!".....Angel

"Did you say you are ticklish??? lol gegegegoo"....Traci

"Don't tell me my rearend is too big!!"...Eilidh

"I can't hold on much longer, you are heavy"....Danyelle

"Would ya take this picture already?"...AgentLiz

"Great, now let's see if you can bounce!" ...Angelwings

"Try a front hand spring off my belly, try it, come on!!!!"...Ms. Beauty

"Is this suppose to be painful?"...Skittlez

"It's not my fault I have no spine!"....Peeps366

"Girl glues hand to friends back. In other news Crazy Glue company lawsuit causes bankruptcy."....Geno

"(The one on bottom) (whisper) "pppssstttttttttttt, I need to go to the bathroom!!!!!!!!!"....Salina

"What did u say u weighed?"....bffgfgirl

"CRACK! OWW! We're going dowwwwwwwwwn.... SPLOT! SPLASH! OH WELL!"....Mac

"Maybe A fly will come a long and knock me down."....Regan

"Will you hurry up and take the picture for the circus. My back is cramping."....Misty

"Ow ow owww!!! Ok u hit the part on my back get off!!"....Lil Bit

"I could do this all day. not!"....Megaline

"Whatcha looking at?"....Claw

"That's gonna hurt in the mornin'."....Peach

"ok, now how are we getting down?"....Rach and Jen

"Wow look at me. Hey! What about me up here! Oh and her too."....Video_game_and_Anime_guy

"Chinese Leap Frog"....Cookie Monster

"I'm gonna puke!"....person in a place

"TAH DAH!"....Andie

"Yo! Dog!"....KY

"No wonder humans watch this all the time."....SHORTYPOO4YOO

"(Bending person): Katai, I am gonna break my BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!"....Shoop

"Hey you're rubbing my belly."....Dog101

"Woah don't push to hard......I just ate beans.."....*~ME~*

"Positions people! Places!! Shainy, remember, left hand on the gall bladder, right hand on the large intestine!!".....Bean

"She's KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!".....Jessica

"Sheesh get this girl off she's killing me."....Em

"Cat: DON'T kiss me!"....Maddymoo

"Watch Out! That trampolines about to break, it can't take that much weight, it's only suppose to be for little kids use only!".....Sweetie

"I can"t believe you can bend that far! and I can"t!"....Sweetie

"Man when is this going to end I'm so scared!"....Heather

"I can't do this for much longer!"....Emma

"NEWSREPORTER: They have now been in that position for 3 whole days... Girl 1: Stoopid bet!"....Lily

"I am heels over head for you" la la la la

"Do you think that if this is the 45th time you dropped me we will make the world record book?"....m24always

"You know, you're not as light as I thought you were."....cheerchic32

"Hey! were did my partner go she was just under me!"....Tinkerbell

"After this gymnastics competition I don't know which I'm gonna get, the 1st place medal or a doctors appointment.".....soccer_grl_11

"How long are we supposed to be like this?"....Rachie

"Ok, that feels good. Maybe just a lil' more to the left."....Pey Pey La Pew

"I bet she can't find me!".....karatekang

"Ahh, I've had that crick in my back for days!"....xsweeetixpiex

"My Mom said I am a donkey with stripes.".....grundie

"Wow! You are too high! Come back, ok my back is getting crooked. Ok, I have no idea what I'm doing."....B

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