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Photo #22
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Photo 21

"Come here I won't hurt you, just gimme that cookie!" .... FBG

"Your head would be big too it you had to carry antlers on it."...4Kids2Teach

"So why isnt santa responding to my letters?"....KTCheesy

"Hey Rocky watch me pull a rabit out of my hat" - "mommy mommy it's a canadian :P~~~~~".... KTCheesy

"Nothing up my sleeve...Presto"....4Kids2Teach

"Mom, he`s kissing me!" ....Yuki

"Mom, just out of curiosity, do mooses spit? Cause if they do I'm in big trouble,mmmhhhmmm."....Arwin

"John got a bit of a shock when he looked in the mirror. Where were his antlers?!"... Herbie

"Come over here and give me a big wet one!:....Milk Dud

"Um.... you taste good!"....Gab

"TV....must watch.... TV!!"...Dustin

"Hey kid! Let me out".....Loretta

"Psst, kid you know that pretty doe over there ask her if she wants to meet me in the swamp!!"...What The?

"A moose with a word on the loose"....AngelWings

"Mommy, is it a Noose?"....Ryan

"What's this?"...Pam

"How about a big kiss for the road?"....Amy

"Moose season! Toddler Season! Moose season! Toddler Season! Moose season! Toddler Season! Moose Season! Toddler Season Toddler Season Moose Season! HAHA Got you to say moose season!!!!"....Shortii

"So, are you gunna give me some food or can I go back to sleep?"....Rebecca

"Stop laughing at me moose you look weird even if your normal!".....Hunter

"OMG your breath is worse than mine!!!!!"....Brie

"Why are we in the cage and he can walk around then go back into the woods. Oh that's right we are in the zoo, and they come to see us"...Bruce

"My nose is bigger than yours.".....Cnd

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