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Photo #25
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Photo 25

"Wait till mom finds out I'm mooning her!!"....SBG

"Is there a monkey in that tree?"....4Kids2Teach


"I thought the water went ON the tree, not out of the tree."....Maggie

"OUCH that must hurt!"....Austin

"When trees fill with water"....Ms. Beauty

"The one and only spitting tree!!"....AngelWings

"Up in the sky."....I Wear Cool Socks

"Northerners view on palm trees."....SuzyQ

News reporter: "As you can see, while taping, a kid had a lime fruit gushers." See far left....Clefairy

"Having fun?"....Noa

"Pink is so yesterday... especially when you have a wedgie!!!!!"....Dora

"Wow man look at that tree, it has water comeing out of it. What? What's that? Wake up man, the tree, look at it! What I was looking at the girl. What tree are you talking about? Can you not see it? Nope I do not see a tree. Do-ho I'd not have to take you with me if you were not my brother oh sorry man"....Video_game_and_Anime_guy

"Funny. That tree has green leaves and the other one has yellow leaves."....Dog101

"Hey look a shooting water palm tree let me go over here and get wet, mom will never know, oh hi mom what you doing in the water."....Sweetie

"I am a hero!".....Corey

"Is this a dream?".....juju

"I bet mom can't see me...or maybe she can. oops!"....Girl45

"Up , up , and out of a palm tree"....LOveLOve101

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