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Photo #7
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Caption #7

"okay, you need to learn to brush your teeth" - Maggie

"oh I love you I really do, but....go away!" - Maggie

"Man, you got bad breath.... " - Rach

"CAT - man O man O man, someone needs a tic-tac" - CheesytheGreat

"Hey the hair man!" - Jojo

"EEWW doggy breath... ever heard of a tic-tac before?" - FB

"You're in my space, Back Off!"....Tiny

"Look at my nice shiny teeth" ....BoogerBaby

"Come on...just take off...I promise I won't chase you ! heh heh heh..."...Day

"Dog: Well, well It looks like someone forgot to clean their ears!"....Tristy

"Your breath stink's, take a mint."....Eagle

Quit whispering sweet nothings in my ear, will ya?".....ajlp4

"Okay, Okay, I know you guys have a crush on me, but, GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!!".....BB

"Hey!! Who said Cats and Dogs can't be friends?"....Levi

"I love ya but that breth of yours is horibul"....Bree

"Quit breathing down my neck! I don't need a hair dryer!"...Princess

"This bed ain't big enough for the 2 of us, so someone better get lost!!"....Hardy

"Ok you need a tic tac or something because your breath stinks"....Nicole

"What did he eat ? A Skunk?"....Shebabe

"Oh man, doggy breath. I hate dogs. They always breathe in your face.".... Taylor

"ok ok your breath is horable and get away from me!....Jess

"Why haven't they invented mint gum for DOGS!"...Arwin

"Hi cutie I am back."....Theo

"Get away from me you might get your cooties on me!"...Chicken Whopper

"Hey who ever thought of a dog and a cat being friends?"....Kayla

"Did you dye your hair? also look like a cat."...Smartypants

"Cat: come on, say it. Dog: Say what???? Cat: You know. Dog: Fine, cats rule and dogs drool. Cat: thanks! I can't wait to tell all the dogs what you said!!!!!!!"....Shannon

"I'm right next to you, you don't need to yell!"....Someone

"Cat: ok... thats it... why are you following me all the time? Ya know... if you haven't noticed... we are not connected like catdog!!!"....Kitty

"Ew your breath really smells Ahhhhhhh my eyes are turning green....Yabby

"EWWWW!!GROSS!Your breath stinks!"....2Cool

"I don't wanna but u need some listerine.".....Danyelle

"Did I tell you that you could touch me!?"...AgentLiz

"(Cat) Yes I can hear you, you can stop barking now!"....Gab

"How dare you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".....Shaye

"Cat: Why did they ever invent the dog? Life was a lot better without them and it smells like this one ate a dead SKUNK!"....Greyhound

"Is this one of those things I heard on the "BACHELOR"?"....serty24

"Rufus...Get off of my beautiful fur i just got groomed, can"t you tell???"....Yellow

"I have never gotten this close to dog before. Now I know why we stay away. Pee Yew!!"....CoolieBritt

Person taking photo says "Look at the camera! SMILE!" Dog looks behind. Cat says "I think he's camera shy!"....Lil Road Runner

"Hey! Go blow in someone elses ear"....Loretta

"Bleeech!! Dog food breath!!!!!!!"...Kissy

"Since when did you wash behind your ears?"....Katie

"Shouldn't we be fighting like, well, Cats and Dogs!!"....Wondergirl

"Wow cat have you been drinking? Your breath smells awful"....Marcia

"Take a mint, ya Lab!!"....AngelWings


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