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Photo #7
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Caption #7

"Eew! Gross! Dog germs!"....McAllie924ever

"I have something to tell you.I love you so much!"....Donna

"Awww.... you NEED atic tac."....tiki tiki

"If you don't leave me alone....."....Mikie

"Ok! I'm a Canine and you're a Feline but, let's make friends, OK?"....Andrew

"Can you hear me now?"....Faith200922

"Cat: They say if you love something let it go... I love you. Now go."...Piggy14

"(In a whispering secretive voice) Dog: So anyways, while I snuck to the park, I saw Fluffy and she told me that Fido was planning to climb the tall tree so I was like, No way, and she was like yes way, so I was like, No way... Cat: What I have to deal with..."....mew

"O.k., let me tell you a secret, You look like a pumpkin!"....Natasha

"Dude, you totally need a tic-tac."....puppylover

"DAWG!! Ever heard of a breath mint!?!!"....FuZzZAmUZ

"Whew, morning breath!!"....Cesceani

"Ok, here's the plan. You pretend like you are peeing on the oriental rug. When she comes over to spank you, I'll go to the kitchen and grab the christmas ham..."....scatbox

"I'll bite u in a minute, u old stinken' cat."....Kat

"Hey, pussy cat? Wanna kiss?"....Harro

"Dog - Come here, honey!! Kissy kissy!"....Random

"Oh my! Did I just... ow weowuuuu you need a brush up! Rip, slip, brush ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh much better! Now get out of here!"....CutiePie101

"Cat: Get any closer and you won't be able to move ever again!"....Madison

"Whoa there're in da bubble..."....iluvgooser15

"Orange Cat: Show me some love baby!"....1_animal_luvr

"Black Dog: What in he world is this cat doing?"....1_animal_luvr

"Make one wrong move mutt and your catnip."....Kimmie

"Can't live with them can live without them."....Peaches

"Cat : Do I know you ????? Dog : Well yes I chase you every morning"....April D.

"Dog - Promise you won't tell anyone?? Cat - Promise. Dog - I like to eat cat food."....becks0202

"GO AWAY!!!!"....Sentorge

"What are you doing?"....Isabel

"Brush your teeth it is good for your health and the people around you so you dont kill them."....Fizz

"Okay now if I say I love you will you leave me alone and go away and take that bad breathe with you?"....Mickey D

"(Dog plops down beside cat), cat says: "Why is the sayinng 'raining cats and dogs? It should go like this: raining dogs with bad breath!!!"....catsrule!!

"Dog*(to cat) Doggonnit. I am sitting with a cat"....Megan

"Ok, here's the plan, we make a run for it tonight! Before you know it we'll be free pets!".....Brittanyb

"How rude of you!"....Hunter

"Dog: HOW'S THE BREATH Cat: Man you need to take a breath mint"....Jeanne

"Now that's a face only a mother could love."....babi--gurl

"Dog: It's MY space, Buster!"...Maddymoo

"Man O Man, do you need to brush your teeth! Rip, Slip, Brush! Ahhhh My eyes are turning green man!!...KIERSTEN

"You need help brother."....piglet0987

"So, I have fleas...."....Jeff

"Look ODIE, you move I 'm the big cat around here!!!"....Johnna

"Ever heard of a breathmint?"....Ang and Mom

"CAT: Oh my gosh! Have you heard of Tic-Tacs???"....Jame

"Come on Kitty. Kiss me. I don't care that your a cat. I love you!"....Animal Princess

"Can I tell you a secret? Cats suck!"....rotnapl28

"Ok sparky I love you but can you wait to whisper romantic nothings into my ear after you brush your teeth."....Queen of Hearts

"Dog, get a bath, you stink!"....Mia


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