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Photo 10

"O fish-mas tree, O fish-mas tree, your gills are so amazing."....Horse Lover

"Merry Holifishdays --- that's a weird tree!!!"....Patrick

"Is that a fishmas tree?"....Ryan

"Santa is going to bring me something too, I did all this work because the angel is out sick!"....kaykay

"Have a redneck Christmas!!"....Angel

"Something Smells Fishy!"....Jenny

"Wow nice tree you smell fish?"....Sk8terboy

"That angel looks kind of... well... fishy" rock moris

"Owwwwwwww, that hurts my rear end, I wish I didn't look so much like a star."....abs

"What do rednecks put on a Christmas tree? A fish for a fishmas tree."....sentiera

"I'm a fish!! Get me OFF of here!".... fungirlie-ew

"One minute I'm swimming with some friends the next I'm in a TREE!!! By the way while you are up can you get me a drink I'm a LITTLE thirsty!!!!"....Paige11

"Let's go fishing!"....Nicole

"Who ever heard of a fish on top of the tree, hmmmmmmm?"....Tyrianny

"Something is a little fishy here..."....SallySueSally

"Man) Hey, What's cookin' (Lady) Tree Fish"....Jessica

"Merry Fish mass."....Emily

"Put you favorite object on the tree not your favorite animal!"...Sarah

"I'm too cute for this!".....miss cutie

"How the heck did I get up here?!?"....Nugget

"Get down from there you treefish!"....Kitty

"What were you thinking????".....Meow

"Oh great... I will spend the last moments of my life as a tree topper. In your face, you angel!".....Delphina

"We wish you a merry Fishmas and a smelly New Year!".....mare

"Honey, were did the star go???"....Lauren

"Tree: I'm afraid of fish! Fish: Yeh well I'm alergic!"....Pen

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