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Photo 01

"My owners are saying... run a tree is falling, I dont know what there talking about, I think I'll take a nap."....Ryan

"Ripping up present paper on Christmas morning and running away from my owners around the couch is fun,goodnight. zzzz"....Ryan

"I helped put up your tree now let leave me alone so I can sleep!"....Cheyenne

"Can't a dog get any sleep around here?" "Oh yeah, uuuuuhhhhhhh Merry Christmas?"....Rachael

"I hope Santa dog comes soon!"....Andrew

"I wonder what Santa will bring me next year. I hope it's one of those new squeeky toys. Last year I got a leak."....Aimie

"Where is this Santa Clause? I want to make sure he can eat those cookies!"....Fogarty

"All this waiting around for Santa has wore me out!!"....Hannah

"You're blocking my view of the chimney"....Karolyn

"Well, if none of the kids will wait for Santa to see the presents, then I will! I'm staying right here"....Meggie

"Seasons Greetings"....Nicole

"Santa's Coming!!!"....Nicole

"Oh my goodness better get to sleep, Santa is coming!"....Faith

"I'm tired but I'm still awake."....Rissa

"Why didn't I get any presents this Christmas???"....Loren

"Santa, you can't expect me to move and I don't care where Rudolph has been all night!"....Tyrianny

"Got Milk?"....Nash

"Time for a nap. Had presents. Not bothered."....Soph

"Have a holly jolly time time putting it up..."....Jessica

"Guy taking photo. 'ouch!'"....Lily

"Look! It's Santa Claus and his reindeer!"....Raven

"Partied! Then....sleep!".....Raven

"Get this thing off my head I'm a easter bunny not a Christmas bunny!"....Hunter

"I'm too tired to open Christmas presants!"....Shoop

" Well that's me done putting up the Christmas tree I am just going to sit down and have a littel nap now beacause it sure is tiring work"....Kyra

"Christmas is a bore yawn {snores}.".....Rachel

"I'm still recovering from last Christmas!!".....lalawson

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