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Photo 02

"Mom, do I have to wear this?I mean look at me!"....Lewis

"What is going on here???"....Sammy

"Christmas is the purr-fect time of year!"....Luz

"Have a prr-fect Christmas!"....Antaisia

"The Christmas cat."....Sam

"The cat eats cookies."....Brandy

"Cats are cute to me and my family! We like cats a lot!"....Erica

"That cat is silly! I love when he says Meow-y Christmas!"....Armani

"The cat shops all day!"....kave0n

"I'm tired but what's for lunch?"....Abi

"Hmm I wonder if I should have mouse or turkey for dinner tonight"....GarethsChick

"Come on, take this off of me. Seriously guys, you've had your laughs, now lets think of someone WAY more important. ME!"....Hailey

"I hate Christmas!"....Aimster

"Who says Santa isn't One Cool Cat !?!?!"....justme

"Where's the milk and cookies?"....Sarah

"I know it's Christmas but... what do you want with me ???!!!"....Maggie

"Come on this has to be a laugh, take it off or someone will get hurt, aka the dog."....Toti

"I hate this hat!"....Bitner

"Every single year they want me to be the replacement Rudolph bcause Rudolph pretends to be sick."....Ryan

"Very weird..."....Jess

"Where's the milk and cookies!"....Crazy Girl

"Have a great Chris-moose."....Tay Tay

"I hope you have a very meowy Christmas"....Jessica

"Your embarassing me so let me take this dumb hat off or I'll rip it to shreads!"....Addie

"You laugh, you die (literally)!!!"....fungirlie-ew

"Well you got the hat on me don't expect me to wear the boots and go to everyone's house tonight!! Someone's already got that job!!!LOL"....Paige12

"Why is everyone staring and laughing at me?"....Tyrianny

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