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Kids Turn Holiday Games

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Photo 03

"Who gave me this blow up Santa, I'm warning you I'll pop it!"....Tyrianny

"The kids woke me up for this, come on!"....chantellylacve12

"Have a Hoppy New Year"....Jessica

"Ooooooooh they never said it would be this cold!"....Leanne

"Why am I always stuck with Santa's job while he's on vacation? Get an elf to do it!"....Brianna

"Where is he?? I want presents!"....Kitty

"I'm not Santa Claus, I'm Santa CLAWS!".....Jess

"OH boy, here we go again with the stupid customs!!"....5698

"Cooooooooool bunnyclaws".....DJcristmas

"Revenge is best served cold!"....jordy

"I'm a little too furry but that's ok I still can be Santa Claus".....Hanna

"See what kind of jobs Santa gives us. Why even bother getting a job? That's it I quit! Bye!"....val pal

"Hat so big...can't walk.....".....Gami

"I'm the new Santa! The Easter bunny is a fat guy in a red suit.".....Santa HOHOHO!!

"Oh bring me some carrot pudding.".....Santa's Sweetie

"Give a Santa a break.".....Renee

"LET'S PARTY!!"....Megz

"Alrighty kids! Technical difficulties! There has been a holiday character mix up! HEY! I'M NOT SANTA! GET OFF ME!.....Arisalia-chan(captain of ze Zelda fan club)

"When is this party going to get hoppen?" " My legs are starting to get tired. I better stop trashing the place." Good thing I am "cute" and "cuddly"!....Kasumii

"I cannot wait til Christmas!".....Johny

"If you take one step closer to me, I'm gonna eat you for dinner! Rawr! ~makes eyes go big and giggles cutely~ Beat that Santa!".....Arisalia-chan(captain of ze Zelda Fanclub)

"K u took my pic now where's my carrots huh huh huh?".....CarCar

"I hope Santa doesn't have rabies this year.".....Anonymous

"Get over it! You're embarrasing me!".....Angel

"Take a picture it lasts longer."....Tyler

"This is not my job! AHHHHHHHHHHH!".....Bre

"Where is the milk? And the cookies? It's Christmas Eve you know!".....Midget

"What? Santa is trying to nick my job as the Easter bunny now I'm stuck representing this cold time of year!!! I'm cold".....lil laura

"Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Now, I have dibbs on the cookies!!!".....Sephiroth

"Hey Santa what are you lookn' at? Bunnies look good in red too ya' know."....reesez

"Um..I'm Jewish...TAKE THIS HAT OFF!!!"....~Missy~

"Hoppy Holidays.".....huugy

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