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Photo 03

"HO HO HO wait I'm a ester bunny!!!".....Katie

"Timmy was dissapointed that this was Santa.".....Beauregard

"I'm only wearing this silly hat so my backs warm!"....sweetpea

"Bunny Christmas"....Abs

"oh you looking at me? Oh you saying I am so sweet oh.".....kubbybear

"Try throwing this ball in a snowball fight!".....Sam

"I hate photo shoots! Don't look at me!"....FurryKid

"I am waiting for the fat man to give me a present!"....Duncan

"Oooooh.....I shouldn't have had so much eggnog!!!".....Neine

"Santa bunny is coming to town".....Urcute

"See what happens when Santa gets busy!".....Kiara

"Hey what am I supposed to do with this thing on my head! Can you show me a diagram!"....Rosey

"I'm suppose to be Santa, you imposter!"....beautyofsd

"Does this make me look fat?".....jdh

"Please don't mistake me for a snowball."....JP

"Merry Christmas, Hoppy New Year!".....c smiley

"Christmas Bunny is here"....Gohu

"Take a look in the mirror and then we'll see who's laughing!"....Linly

"Hey what's this on my head? Get it off! Get it off! I'm not Santa I'm not fat! GET IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".....Lilly

"I know I'm cute, but it's five bucks to take my picture."....Kinnadi

"You're Santa" said Kelly "Ooh am I? WELL I'M NOT FAT" .........Teegs

"I like Guinea pigs!".....Kraser

"Fa la la la lalalalal"....Abby

"Bunny: Wait until you see me at Easter!"....Stary Skye

"Is Santa here??"...Ivy

"Yo! I have come to turn Christmas into Easter!"....Eve

"Help, I don't know what I did to deserve this???"....Testedura

"What did I do to deserve this????".....Jack

"I is hiding from the nutcrackers they tried to bite me!".....Tyler C

"Hanging til Santa Claus is coming to town"....kajol

"Merry Carrotmas"....krb

"So much decorating to do, better HOP to it!".....mrock

"Just a BALL of Fun!!!"....Fun

"Have a hoppy Christmas"....SHANHA

"You got me in the fur. You got me in the hat. There is NO WAY you are getting me in that chimney!"...Tessa

"Well, I told Santa that putting his pet bunny in charge was a bad idea--but noooo, he didn't listen!"....Will

"This is a hat not a shirt!"....Morgan

"Keep staring at me and your getting coal in your stocking.".....Sarah Jane

"Hey I am putting my suit on will u mind?!?!?!My gosh tryin to be Santa around here!!!!"....Claudia

"Hey get this hat off of me before I claw your eyes out I'm not a happy cat and I SURE HATE CHRISTMAS ok now can I have a treat"....Skylar

"So you think this hat is big on me so do you?".....SnakeMan

"What did you just put on my head?!"....Ella

"I like Christmas tree bulbs because I am one".....Gabe

"I'm replacing Santa. Sniff sniff ho-ho. "..... Santa's Bunny

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