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Photo #04
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Photo 04

"Help me! I'm melting!"....Mayo

"Hey where's my other arm?.... I could of sworn I was built with the other one."....~*kellogz*~

"I wouldnt be melting if it weren't for the sun being under me and burning my rear off. I coulda sworn the sun was in the wrong place"....yellow girl april

"Boy did I get the fat man! He won't be trying to break in again for years!"....Barret

"Snow Light, Snow Bright"....Val

"I've heard of the sun, but I never seen it. ... So this is where it's been hiding!"....Jelly

"I think my bottom's on fire!"....George

"You light up my Christmas when I'm around you."....Lane

"I know snow is supposed to be light but this is ridiculous"....gothy

"I should have guided Santa on that foggy day......"....Zozo

"This snowman wants to wish you a Merry Christmas."....Brandi

"Snow is fun!"....Azahry

"Sowman are fun to play with."....Kayla

"Why do I have to be the spotlight?....Alexis

"Yes I am shining in everyones eyes. Yes....I think I am melting"...Ernest

"Frosty the Snowman."....Courtney

"Oh yea look at the cute one! One photo and I'm famous SWEET!!"....Amy

"How much longer do I have to stand here, my legs are getting tired."....Melissa

"Look at this snowman glowing? Isn't it wonderful"....Mariam

"Why am I not out side? I'll melt in here!!!!"....Paige

"If you get the light out of my belly i won't melt!"....Boo

"I'm Snow I'm sweeping myself"....Jessica

"What a character I have! I am over here smiling, while I ought to be in the snow cooling my rear, which is burning like a torch!"....Sharon

"*Sniffles* They said I'd never be bright, and just look at me now!!!"....Lily

"Why am I not melting?".....soccer_grl_11

"I will clean up the mess."....Lissy

"Why am I covered in all these flowers?".....Bexter

"Since I got coal dust all over me I'll send Santa this picture to show him I am innocent."....Hannah

"Hello!!! I'm a snowman!!! Get this light away from me!!!".....Jenny

"I'm lighting up Christmas or should I say Snowmas!".....Kasumii

"Watch out I could blow any minute!".....pick a card

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