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Photo 07

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe my owners are making me dress up in this silly hat. Oh well at least I'm getting a treat!"....BrownEyedBabe567

"I don't know why you put me in such a stupid hat just to take a Christmas picture soo it better be a good one!"....Addie

"Hohhohohoho have you been good boys and girls?"....fungirlie-ew

"Get this darn hat OFF of me!!!!"....Lou

"Ho,Ho,Ho give me a dog biscuit"....Jessica

"Hey these silly people put on this silly hat! Don't laugh!pppppppppplllllleeeasssssssse dont laugh."....nikhila

"Do I look like Santa pup to you or am I just a impersonator, because I look really snappy in this hat don't you think?"....cheche

"Hey do not have a kid sit on me blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."....tiny

"Merry Ruffffmas!"....Konia

"OK, once quick picture then I am leaving.".....Delphina

"Ho, ho, ho...where's the Christmas tree?".....jordy

"Can Santa come now please I begged you too much turn off the camera and go to sleep so Santa can come pleaseeee".....Alexis

"Hey what are you looking at I'm no Santa."....Renee & Jess

"Do I look dumb to you because I feel Hot.".....Jess & Renee

"Okay, this is a good disguise. Now we go downstairs, and take the cookies and milk."....AliAli1996

"If I was a real snowman I'd be dead in summer and reserected in winter.".....Shaneo

"Your computer is fine the only thing wrong is your dog. Your dog says "woof woof im a cat!!!!! really I'm Santa but I mutated!!!!!ARRRRRGHHHHH".....DOGGYCHRSSY

"Can we open the presents now?"....Christa

"I saw mommie kissing Santa Claus, underneath the mistletoe last night!!"....Santa's Sweetie

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