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Photo 07

"Santa hats are worth 40mil on Runescape.".....inuyasha_inuyasha

"This hat was not in the job application! I want a raise for this...."....Zach

"HOHOHO!!! Now where's my milk and cookies?"....Joshua

"Move over Rudolph, the black labs are coming through."....Christmas Joy

"I wonder if this is why they use elves rather than Dogs for Santa's workshop.....".....*Gami-chan*

"This is how the lab stole christmas......."....Mizu

"Well if the fire fighters had a dog then Santa should to.".....hohoho

"I'm the new reindeer!! Quick, get me some antlers!".....HoHoHo

"Come on take the picture. I am dog Santa I have presents to deliver to dogs tonight oh I wonder if I get any dog treats.".....Mat

"I'm the new tree topper, as long as they don't try to put lights in anything.".....Manly Christmas

"I know Santa's coming this year but I hope he doesn't figure out what I'm going to do to this annoying hat!!"....jennV

"Don't be fooled by the red hat! I'm really an elf!"....Ayra

"What are you looking at? A dog in a Santa hat?"....Ksaumii

"HEY come on! Come back and give me some present's! I'll give you a Santa hat! I have alot of them!".....Santa's little elf

"I hope I still get presents, because I spotted Santa Dog!".....iron man of sabbith

"What's wrong? Am I in opposite world or something? GET ME AWAY U EVIL DEMONS RUN FOR UR LIVES DEMONS R TAKING OVER RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!".....pick a card

"Yes it is I, Santa Dog."....Susie

"RAWR!!!! Hey! Whaddyaa expect me to say??? Who do I look like? Santa Claus? Oh great! I see where this is going *sigh*"....Arisalia

"Poochie Pie!".....Janis

"Hey I've been waitin' in this Santa hat for ages take the picture, what do you mean you can't?"....Jazzie

"Stop feeding me Grandmas fruitcake I'm starting to look like Santa!"....Jordan

"I am the cutest dog in the world...resistance is futile!!"....Angel

"Hi my name is Rudolph the Black-nose reindeer!".....Caitlin

"This hat makes me look pretty!"....Victoria

"Here come's Santa paws, here comes Santa paws.".....Ashy

"Is that woof woof Claus I here something."....Kman

"Sheeeesh I'm not Santa!"....Sami

"Maybe if I give them a evil stare...... they will stop taking pictures of me. grrrrr.... it's not working!"......CuteBlondie

"AJ: Yay! Santa threw Inyasha down the chimney *faints*".....I luv anime *squeal*

"My owners are crazy!!!!! They think im Santa."....Big Daddy D

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