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Photo 08

"What do you think I am, fried turkey? Of coarse I'll be your helper!"....Dellyanna

"Give me or I"ll bite your head off."....Kitty

"Come on already give up the presants.".....Konia

"How about I have the toys and you have the bag?".....Amy

"Those Humans! I want Santa! "Give him to me".....Mandy

"Give me back my beef stick!"....Toto

"I am really enjoying this doggy bone, SANTA, GIVE ME SOME MORE!!!!!".....jess&steph

"You aren't Santa!"....Christa

"Come on Santa, in the sleigh. No more cookies for you.".....Santa HOHOHO!!

"Santa started it!!!!!!!!"....Santa's Sweetie

"Come on..take a break I can deliver the gifts this year...I mean you have reindeer to pull the sleigh and elves to make the gifts dogs have to do something...".....Gami

"Hey you know what I think? I believe you're the real deal!"....megz

"Please give it to me! I only snuck a couple of cookies!"....Ayra

"Cuteness shall prevail as my secret evil weapon! BWAHH-HAAA-HAAA-HA-HA! Oh wait! Your still there! Whoops!".....Arisalia-chan(captain of ze Zelda fan club)

"Are you laying down on the job again comet?".....The Hulk

"Ah, come on! I want my Toys! Hand them over Santa or I'll make you."....Syd

"I knew I would get something useless for Christmas!"....Mayonaise

"(Dog) Santa, Mrs.Claus said that my friend Shaggy is on the naughty list and I said Nuh uh and she said Uh huh so I said I am going to bite your nose. (Santa) No more christmas presents for you Mr.(Dog) Ahh man no more beef jerky bone!!"....Angel

"Hey thats mine.".....Sierra

"Santa, this is your last warning. Step away from the bag! Or else..."....Jenna

"Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...Wha? Hu? Is it Christmas already? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...".....!!!Canadagirl!!!

"Hey! Who put that hat on my head?".........!!!Canadagirl!!!

"Help! The dog is eating me!"....edsfgre

"I'm gonna win and you better believe it!!!.....Friendly

"Grr...I will bite your suit and everything else off you!"......I Am Cool

"Aww just let me peek to see whats in it.".....Lex

"Hey! Give me that bag of dog treats.".....Kman

"Santa you have my gift. Ya Kibbles'n Bits!"....Big Boy

"Yo sentapeed why are you taking my pen? Oh don't you go there, oh you went there!"....Mi Mi

"(Singing) I saw doggie kissing santa clause...".....I cant think ok

"I can't wait till he gets stuck in the chimney."....Fret

"I'm a lizard in the lizard world."....Sarah

"Mom said if I go to sleep Santa will come maybe he'll bring me that personal bed I wanted so I won't have to sleep on the hard couch."....Santa's Little Helper

"I'm a good boy .. give me my presents . pweese.".....Chelzii

"I'm not being rude and all but this hat grandma Jen knitted me is really not my colour! Don't you think"....Ran-dom

"Tug, tug, doodle the dog: Gimme the bag Santa I want the bag "tug""tug" Santa: hohoho hehehe *Santa says in a evil voice* u'll never get this bag. Muahahaha!".....Santa Emo

"Look mom!(tug, tug) It's Santa, and look at what he brought.".....FurryKid

"GIVE ME MY BONE! Don't you keep it LET'S GET READY TO R U M B L E !!!!!".....Sam

"Um, guess the chowder didnt really hepl me gain some pounds, maybe next year= P".....430793

"Hey, Santa! Can I have this bone from your sack? It looks yummy. Love, Boodro".....Ekende

"The reindeer are, Comet, Dancer, Dasher, Prancer,and Blitzen, there is no lizard in there.".....Terry

"Give me the bag pleaseeeeeeeeeeee".....Beautyofsd

"You didn't give me my dog bone that I wanted last year,so I'm taking your suit!!!"....J.P.

"Okay Fine! I'll let you chew my bone, but just don't hurt me!".....Emily

"Santa Paws attacks".....Dollie

"Hey!!! Whats the big idea!!".....catgotyertongue

"HEY Santa what are you poking me with? YUMMM this is good yeah yeah this is really good!"....Lilly

"Roof roof roof roof roof roof roof roof....Fa la la la la la la la...".....Leigh

"OMG this is like woof woof the best treat of my life that i have woof eva had.".....Dog Lover

"That dog wants to see his stuff"....Merit

"You're going down Santa!"....AG

"HEY you aren't the real Santa!".....Eden

"Me want to deliver gifts so come on give me a chance.".....Reilly

"Santa paws."....Isaiah

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