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Trivia Time -- Princesses

Not sure of your Princess trivia? Read the Princess Fun Facts (PDF file) from Disney first!

1. What Disney Princess was graced with the "Gift of Song"?
Snow White

2. Why would a Princess sleep in a bed surrounded by curtains?
To Play Peek-a-Boo
Drafty Castles
To Play Hide-and-Seek

3. How do you address a Princess?
Your Highness
Your Lowness
Your Princess

4. A Princess might eat a delicious dessert called a "Subtleties". What were they sculpted in the form of?
Knights and Horses
Castles and Bridges
Animals and Heroes

5. A Princesses beautiful gown was often made of?
Linen, Silk and Velvet
Linen, Silk and Burlap
Linen, Silk and Straw

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More Princess Fun: Sleeping Beauty: 50th Anniversary DVD - includes clips, coloring and activity sheets, a Tea Party and more!

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