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Kids Turn Clipart/Graphics

Teddy Bears Terms of

All of the images and photos used within Kids' Turn Central are original works, owned and copyrighted to Wendy Hogan, except where noted on individual pages.

Graphic images may be be used for personal use only. You may download the images to your computer and or server for use on personal web pages you own.

Graphic images may be printed for personal use only. All coloring pages and printable projects are free to print for personal use only.

You may not use in collections, change the images, sell, or use for other applications without permission from me.

You may not link to the images. Bandwidth theft is illegal and will not be tolerated.

Please keep copyright notice on all printed images. A link back to Kids' Turn Central for electronic transmission of images is appreciated.

Commercial Use

Use of graphics, images and photos from Kids' Turn Central for commercial purposes is granted only with permission.

There is a small fee for nonexclusive license for each image. Groups of images can be provided for a fee.

Please submit your request indicating the precise image URL, name of image, and your intended use for the image.

Exclusive use of images, changes to images, or new original images can be created for commercial use.

Educational Use

Images may be used for educational purposes at no cost. Images, coloring sheets and printable projects may be printed for classroom purposes.

Please do not alter the images. Please keep copyright notice on all printable images.

If images are being used for fundraising activities please contact for permission to use.

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