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Godzilla Returns - to Canada?
Residents awake to large visitor roaming Toronto streets


[TORONTO - APRIL 1, 2003] - Residents in the downtown area of Toronto, Ontario awoke this morning to a rather large surprise.

An extremely large reptilian creature was seen prowling the Yonge Street area of Toronto.

This photo was captured by Loof Lirpa, a resident of the area. "I couldn't believe my eyes", Loof told us, "It just carefully stepped around buildings, cars and even people". Loof was out for his morning run when he spotted the creature and happened to have his digital camera with him.

While police and emergency vehicles swarmed the area, the creature, resembling Godzilla, made his way towards the lakeshore and quietly disappeared from site into Lake Ontario.

It was last seen swimming towards the United States. Authorities have been notified there.

At this time no reports of damage or injuries have surfaced although area residents did feel their apartments shaking in the early hours of the morning.

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