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Kids Turn Holidays

Skateboarding/Rollerblading Banned
Streets and Parks cleaned up

[KTAF INTERNATIONAL NEWS - APRIL 1, 2004] - CASAB, An international group of concerned "Citizens Against Skating and Boarding", has accomplished a goal to keep skateboarding and rollerblading off streets and out of parks. The group is hoping to pass the law worldwide.

CASAB President, Lirpa Loof, cited safety reports from the United States, Canada, England and Australia indicating numerous accidents directly resulting from skateboarding in streets. Loof was also concerned about the environmental damage boarders and skaters were doing to parkland.

On March 31, 2004, CASAB presented it's case to the International Justice Committee. They hope to have an international law in place by mid April to ban skateboarding and inline skating from all streets and public parks, worldwide.

The suggested law has already passed first reading and all reports indicate it could become enforceable by summer 2004. CASAB suggests fines ranging from $200 USD for first time offenders to $500 for repeat offenders. All monies from fines will go into a worldwide fund to create enclosed areas for skaters and boarders. The law will be enforced by local police forces.

One CASAB member stated, "safety for everyone is important here, we must keep these young hooligans off our streets and out of our parks". The feeling was repeated by 80-year-old Topper Deck who said, "I've been run off the sidewalk too many times by these speed demons".

Despite efforts from CASAB to communicate with the skating and boarding community to come to a compromise, the youth feel it is their right to skate and board where they like. President Loof said fencing, rail caps and signs have not stopped the damage. "This was a last resort," he said.

CASAB firmly believes all skateboarding and rollerblading should be done in contained areas designated for the purpose. The next goal for the group is to get BMX and other "trick" bicycles off streets.

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