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Kids Turn Holiday Crafts

Happy Crafting Holiday

Giant Candy Cane

What you need:

  • Flexible vinyl dryer ducting
  • Wire
  • Red and white garland (20 ft. each)
  • One or 2 styrofoam balls

My daughter and I made this in about 20 minutes or less for her Brownie Troop to donate to a retirement home to hang. It is a candy cane about 2 to 3 ft tall.

Shape the ducting into the shape of a candy cane. To secure the shape, wire together the two sides under the curve of the candy cane. Insert the styrofoam ball into the end(s) of the candy cane - we just did it to the curved part and it looked fine - if your ball is too small use aluminum foil to make it larger.

Wind each color, alternating ribs, down the cane - starting at the curved end, make sure you secure both ends of the garland with wire so it doesn't unravel. Finish with the other color, using space between previous color. It is amazing how the ribbing in the ducting holds the garland in place. Then the cane could be adorned anyway you would like

Thanks to Meg and daughter for this idea.

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