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Kids Turn Holiday Crafts

Happy Crafting Holiday

Holiday Tie Ups

What you need:

  • Christmas cut out
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
A nifty little idea for the youngsters. Take a print-out (something that may need to be colour red) of really anything you would like (I used a Christmas Teddy-Bear).

Cut two small slits about maybe 1/4 inch where you would like there to put a bow. (Using the Christmas Teddy, I cut 2 slits under his chin to make a bow tie out of ribbon.)

Take a piece of ribbon, about 5-6 inches, or however big you would like the bow. Make the ribbon curly with scissors. Thread the ribbon through the two slits and tie in a knot. "Fluff" ribbon up. Tie should be on front not back.

It's a cute idea and the kids can color them up with anything they would like. You can use old Christmas ribbon leftover from unwrapping and old Christmas cards for your cut outs.

Thanks to Rachel for this idea.

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