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Classic Halloween Costume:

Japanese Ghost:

If you want to go as a Japanese ghost, you can wear a white kimono or white dress. Tie ropes for your hands and feet, then put a long rope around you neck. Put a Japanese type age thingie at the end. Looks something like this:


You can make that out of paper or cardboard, just as long as it's white. Put fake blood or red paint and make it look like it's coming form your eyes, all the way down your face.

Next, make your hair black *I don't care how just as long as it's black* and cover you eyes with your hair.

Make your lips black.

If you wanna make it more decorative, you can put a dead flower in your hair *for girls* and walk around saying "My eyes... My eyes! It's soo dark!" or "There's no one here... where are you?! I can't see!" And you can carry around a wind chime.

Thanks to Amber for this interesting idea.

'Ghost Face', Child, Costume

'Ghost Face', Child, Costume

Child 'Ghost Face' costume as seen in the movie Scream!

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