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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

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Classic Halloween Costume:

Spicy Devil:

To be a spicy devil, just get a red dress, boots, and some horns and if you want to spice it up a bit put on bright red lipstick.

Thanks to SkaterGurl for this fun idea!!

Another Spicy Devil idea....

    (1) Put flour on your face
    (2) Bright red dress
    (3) Bright red lipstick
    (4) Red shoes
    (5) Horns
    (6) Pitch fork
    (7) Red cape
That's what I think a spicy devil should look like

Thanks to Ashley for this idea!

Here's another idea....

A spicy devil should definitely be:

    * Black pleather skirt
    * Black pleather jacket
    * Red tank top
    * Red stockings/fishnet
    * Black tall boots
    * Horns
    * Tail
    * Pitchfork
    * Black lipstick
    * Black eyeliner
    * Bright red mascara
Thanks to CrayZCueT for this additional idea.

Another Idea - Teen Devil

Ok, I have this really cool idea --A teen Devil!! All you have to do is get:

  • A red tube top (or one that just wraps around)
  • A red furry cape
  • Two devil horns (a headband with them would work fine)
  • Red bell bottoms with fur at the bottom)
  • Red high heels
I think it's a great idea. It sounds weird, but it would work really well on a teenager instead of a younger girl, like 10. Have a devilish Halloween!!

Thanks to Heather for this fun teen idea!

Pretty Lil' Devil Child Costume

Pretty Lil' Devil Child Costume

Includes dress,glovelets,headpiece,and pitchfork. Ballet slippers not included. Available in child sizes Toddler,Small,and Medium.

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