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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Classic Halloween Costume:

Teen Werewolf:

To be a teenage werewolf get a pair of jeans with at least one knee ripped out. Sew a patch of brown, grey,or both, fur into the knee. Get a long sleeved shirt and stuff arms with tissue or add 1-2 more shirt(s) to make the effect that you have big muscles. Have a werewolf mask or paint face and add long snout with big teeth. Then you will look like a teenage werewolf.

Thanks to Phylicia for this great idea!!

Universal Studios Monsters Wolfman Child Costume

Universal Studios Monsters Wolfman Child Costume

This is the only officially licensed version of the Universal Studios?ду Wolf Man. Costume includes fur wig, ragged looking shirt with attached fur chest and hands, and pants. Makeup sold separately. This is an officially licensed Universal Studios Monsters?ду costume.

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