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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Classic Halloween Costume:


Dress up in baggy black clothes, preferably a skirt or a dress. Leave hair loose or wear a wig. Get separate streaks of hair and cover them with white flour - a wonderful effect! Use the rest of the flour on the face and paint lips with really dark lipstick - voila!

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this idea!!

Another idea comes from KoolaidKid...

Get a black dress and black shoes and a cape. Get a broom and a hat.

That's it!

Thanks KoolaidKid!

Ok here's my idea for a witch costume:
    1) get a black cape
    2) put white or silver hair dye
    3) get black nail polish and lip stick
    4) make fake warts
    5) pick out some black clothes
    6) and wow you're done!
Thanks Michelle for this idea!

Another idea....

This is a witch. First you get a black dress or pants or a shirt then you can get an old pointed hat. Paint your finger nails black. Get hair dye of your choice (color) and put some streaks in your hair and put some black eye liner on and your done.

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this idea.

Another idea...

A little witch. Last year I made a little witch costume. All you need is a black dress [it does not matter if it has patterns on], black tights, a jacket, [I used blue], and shoes not trainers [sneakers].

Thanks to Harriet for this idea.

Another idea..

This is my witch idea, all you need is:

    1 Black dress or skirt
    2 Black shoes (that are comfortable because you do a lot of walking)
    3 Lots of make-up like black lip and eye liner and nail varnish
You're all done! Happy Halloween!

Thanks to Claire for this idea.

Another Idea

I was a witch for Halloween this year. So, me and my mom went shopping for one. Luckily, there was a costume just for me. But what was I to do with my hair and accessories? Well, for my hair I took black strings and tied it around my hair gently patting it with hair spray.

Obviously, I painted my fingernails black with a silver tip. I also got a cape to put over my shoulders and high black heels! What I see is the witch of our future!

Thanks to Kelli for this fun addition.

Child Fashion Witch Hat

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