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Classic Halloween Costume:

Vampire Maid:

Hey here's an idea for a costume one of my friends wore last year. It's a vampire maid. First find a black t-shirt and black or red shorts or pants. Then get an old blanket, tarp, sheet etc. Rip out the shape of an apron. Then splash red paint over the apron to look like blood.

Buy fake fangs, and temporary black spray on hair dye. Also borrow your mom, sister, etc.'s black eyeliner and lipstick. On Halloween put on the costume, dye your hair, and put on the lipstick and eyeliner and you're all set.

Thanks to NLM for this great idea!!

Vampire Girl Child Costume

Vampire Girl Child Costume

Includes a black and red dress with silver trim and cape with attached collar and bat medallion. Earrings and shoes not included.

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