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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Classic Halloween Costume:


To be a clown you need a long sleeved jumper, the color of your choice. Then you will need to get some cloth. Cut the cloth to make a flower type shape. Cut a hole,for your neck, in the middle of the cloth flower.

Next, you staple or glue the edge of the cloth to the neck of the jumper. Do the same for the wrists, and ankles. You will need four pom pom balls to glue to the front of the costume.

There you have it, a clown costume! Thanks to anonymous submitter for this fun idea.

Bubbles the Clown Child Costume

Bubbles the Clown Child Costume

The Halloween Concepts?ду Bubbles the Clown costume includes a red, blue, and yellow satin-feel one-piece suit.

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