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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Classic Halloween Costume:

Devil's Daughter:

Get a red dress {scoop neck} add red lace or sequins. Get a red over coat or jacket and put red lace or sequins on it 2 match the dress.

Get a pair of fish nets and a pair of red high heels {go 2 Goodwill they have really good shoes}

Get red and black hair dye or spray and put red and black stripes in your hair.

Put your hair in a clip or a messy bun.

Wear black lipstick and get some red face glitter & have your mom, dad, sister, or bro paint flames on one side of your face near your eye.

You're sure to win first place if your school has a contest

Thanks to Lyla for this fun idea.

Devil Darling Child Costume

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