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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

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Classic Halloween Costume:


Heres a costume idea, a Vampaneze from the Darren Shan books. It's easy and fun.

Here's what you'll need:

    1.A red or gray pen
    2.Purple makeup
    3.Red contacts (optional)
    4.Long fake fingernails (clear) (optional)
Simply paint your face purple, put in the contacts if you have them, and draw a little "scar" on each finger in a straight line, and put on the fake nails.

If you want to you can put on a cloak or robe for an extra touch!

Thanks to ysri for this great idea!!

Victorian Vampiress Child Costume

Victorian Vampiress Child Costume

Child Victorian Vampiress includes: gothic gown with lace-up bodice and flowing inset, drape sleeves with gold trim and choker with stand up collar. Makeup not included.

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