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Mad/Dead Pilgrim:

A couple years I was a mad pilgrim. (Actually I was Wednesday Addams, but my friends thought I was a crazed pilgrim.)

Here's what you need:

  • Pilgrim outfit or Wednesday Addams costume
  • Black crazy wig or in braids(Try to have strands of hair poking out.)
  • Pilgrim hat(Put dirt on it and if you can get Parent's permission, tear any part of it you want. Same with the dress.)
  • Paint your face and hands pale white put blue/purple around your eyes and mouth. Wear black lipstick
  • On the side of you face or head put on fake blood
  • If you want you can have really black nails or blue/purple to make you look dead.
  • White stockings with a tear in them and fake blood and dirt.
  • Black shoes (dirt on them.)
  • When you walk, walk very slowly like you just rose from the dead. When you talk talk very slowly and croaky.
There you go! First prize at your school contest or Halloween party.

Thanks to *Girl, 15, charming but insane* for this new idea.

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