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Classic Halloween Costume:


What you need:

    1. A skirt that looks like a cheerleaders skirt.
    2. Some sort of top to go with it.(that maybe has a team name on it)
    3. Pom poms
    4.your hair put up looking really cool
    5.and soem makeup
Its's really cool!

Thanks to Chelsea for this great idea!!

Another idea...

Hey girls out there. I'm Emmy. I have this great idea for girls. Do you know someone who was a cheerleader in high school? All ya have to do is wear the cheerleader outfit, get some pom-poms, and you are set!

Even if you don't know anyone with a cheerleader costume, go to someplace like Value Village, or any Halloween store.

Thanks to Emmy for this idea!

Another idea...

Get your favorite Team's jersey, the color pom-poms, hair colored spray, and makeup (any extra's) thats about it!

Thanks to Dorothy from Virginia for this idea.

Another Idea

Here's how to be a cheerleader: You need a black or red skirt, a cheerleading shirt (you can use one that has your school's name or one that says cheer or cheerleader on it) some white sneakers, and some pom-poms.

Try to get pom poms the same color of your shirt.

Thanks to Kelly for this addition

Junior Cheerleader Toddler/Child Costume

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